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Thread: BT3 problem writing to Maxtor OneTouch Mini 4

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    Question BT3 problem writing to Maxtor OneTouch Mini 4

    I got the crcdisk.sys vista hang on my laptop, so I'm running a BT3 live USB. I can find all of my files on my hard drive in Konqueror, and can read/write to those without a problem.

    So I'm planning on using a Maxtor OneTouch Mini 4 (A portable USB hard drive) to back up my files, and then I plan to re-install my OS.

    I plugged in the Maxtor, and saw the components to run the Maxtor software. While attempting to install the software using the Wine emulator, I got an error message:
    Exception EAccessViolation in module animation.exe at 00000000. Access violation at adress 00000000 in module 'animation.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
    I then tried to just create a new file in the Maxtor, but I wasn't allowed to.

    How can I either install the OneTouch software on BT3, or write a new folder to the Maxtor?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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    I really hope this is a joke post ... because you cant seriously be considering using the software that comes with your hard drive. If by chance you are let me just point something out ... ITS A HARD DRIVE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!

    Im not trying to be rude or flame so please dont take it as such, but think a little, that software was made for soccer moms and stupid windows users that dont know piss all about formating drives. Ive had maybe 50 drives in my lifetime and not once have i ever used any of the software they bundled with it.

    The answer to this problem btw would be to use fdisk or gparted, or even grab yourself a copy of hirens boot cd.

    In closing you might want to consider throwing your bt3 cd in the trash and moving to an easer distro like ubuntu ... backtrack is NOT for beginners.
    Using backtrack for the first time is like being 10 years old again with the keys to a Ferrari.

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