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Thread: VMware Workstation - Backtrack - WG111v2 Realtek RTL-8187L chipset

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    Default VMware Workstation - Backtrack - WG111v2 Realtek RTL-8187L chipset

    Hello everyone!

    Recently I had installed Backtrack 3 using VMware Workstation. And I have wireless USB adapter WG111v2 Realtek RTL-8187L chipset and I can't get it to work. I have looked like a million posts and web pages about this, but I couldn't find a good tutorial or explanation how to get this USB adapter to work in Backtrack 3. When I plug the adapter the Backtrack detects it, but when I try to configure, it gives me a choise from 5 or 6 drivers and when I choose one of them an error pops out - cannot start wpa_supplicant. And then it seems like the USB adapter is woorkin, but in is not detecting any wireless networks /and that is impossible, because my router is like 2 meeters from my laptop/.

    Also I have tried to install this diver - Realtek RTL8187L Wireless Driver 1.10 Linux Kernel 2.6. But it seems it's not possible, because I am using a virtual machine and it can't create/find the folders which are required to install the driver. That is how I understand all the errors when I was trying to insall it.

    If someone have managed to get this to work please... please tell me how? Or if there is a post or a tutorial that I didn't found please let me know.

    Thank you in advance!


    P.S. Sorry for the bad English

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    Works outta the box with bt4
    Using backtrack for the first time is like being 10 years old again with the keys to a Ferrari.

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