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Thread: RaLink drivers under RT3070STA BT

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    Default RaLink drivers under RT3070STA BT

    I buy a card can encor known, but who will make noise
    it is great, even better than the Alfa AWUS036H
    Ubuntu it works fine for listening to the network and the injection
    it works for aircrack-ng etc. ..
    but to backtrack, I do not have the function §
    the Ralink drivers RT3070STA is not included automatically on BackTrack?
    j'essai # ifconfig ra0 up
    then # iwconfig
    nothing to do but it appears not!
    you'd be the solution?
    else if there are no drivers to install BackTrack on the Ralink drivers RT3070STA
    how to install then? I can not!
    on ubuntu no problem to install, but I get no BackTrack
    thank you for your help
    thank you

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    there is rt3070sta driver on bt4 pre final,but rt3070sta firmware is not included.
    u should copy firmware of rt3070 by yourself.

    by the way, can rt3070sta inject on ubuntu really?

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