My Orinoco Gold PCMCIA-WLAN-Card (has been patched firmware from a silver card) is not be found in BT4 pre-final.

With dmesg only my Intel Pro 1000 R45 Card is appearing, no line with the orinoco. The system only noticed, that a PCMCIA-Card was pluged in (neither which model nor other information)

In the "auditor edtion" (auditor-200605, live cd) (I think this was a antecessor of BTx) this card is working fine with the orinoco 0.13e driver (on the same hardware).
(Detail: Lucent/Agere 8.72, auditor dmesg output)

But I need the new and excellent features... how can I get this card working under BT4 pre-final.

Could not find related post for this standard card... so it's posible that is my fault - I'm a linux newbie... but on other Hardware, my onboard Intel 3945 Card is working perfectly with BT4 pre-final... (but I got no antenna output plug...)