.BigMac, _sinner thx for replay

.maybe i wasn't clear enought about my problem .or it sounds confuzing, cause it is

.there is no syntax error, problem .it doesn't really matter what encoder i use,
i know i can choose between the offered ( ./msfencode -l ) ,combination of few too (ecsployt replay)
.i even tried without msfencoder (X >output.exe) .etc

.to be more specific ,there is no problem doing this outside vmware .on the bt4-pre installed on regular box, or boot from livecd on my laptop or other box .the 'output.exe' that has been made outside virtuel environment always works .no problem how it was made (syntax), what encoder do i use or am i sending it directly to (>) or with -o argument

.BUT when i boot BT4-pre under vmware, it doesn't matter if it is installed (on vmware) or i'm just booting it form livecd the 'output.exe' that i made most likely is not going to connect back, the silly part is that i reboot the BT4-pre and do the same thing i did few minutes ago and sometimes ,just sometimes, the new 'output.exe' is connecting back .in most casses is not
.and that's the confuzing part
.i just wanna hear from someone that whenever he made output.exe under vmware, it's always connecting back