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Thread: Dell M1330

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    Default Dell M1330

    the wirelesscard does not work,nor does the it possible to get these in final? please

    my internal bluetooth hardware is non-working also...

    the wireless card is a 4965AGN

    and the bluetooth is a dell truemobile +EDR

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    Got exactly the same system and wifi works well, maybe you need to active it... enter this following command

    setting up SSH
    Get in to root ( sudo -i )
    ( sshd-generate )
    ( clear )
    ( /etc/init.d/ssh start )
    ( netstat -antp | grep 22 )
    ( clear )
    Setting up wireless
    ( /etc/init.d/wicd start )
    ( update-rc.d wicd defaults )

    I don't have Bluetooth so i didn't bother learning to set it up....

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