Myself and a few friends are planning on having a lan party at my friend's Dad's house. I've been over there a few times and know for a fact I can access my Mom's WiFim, his mom's WiFi, and our friend Eric's WiFi from the living room (where we will be set up) as well as his dad's WiFi. This led to the idea of load balancing these connections to achieve (possibly) greater bandwidth for the night.
This idea has evolved over the week and last night we decided it would be a perfect activity for the night to make sure everyone (except his dad's wifi so we'll have internet.) sets up security on their wireless (preferably with a random key that they don't know to keep it sporting) and we work at cracking them and then bonding them at the party, however I would like to be ready to go when I get there.
I'm taking two laptops and my dual quad-core file/media/game server. I have a bunch of USB wireless cards (4 Linksys WPC11v4), and I believe the internal WiFi card on one of the two notebooks supports injection.
Any pointers towards guides on either WEP/WPA/WPA2 cracking (I believe we decided to stick to WEP/WPA, but might as well be safe) or help figuring out how hooking all these networks together would work would be greatly appreciated. The winner gets a 24 pack of monster, so maybe I'll share :P