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Thread: No keyboard with BT4 pre final on laptop

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    Default No keyboard with BT4 pre final on laptop

    I need some help.

    I boot up the BT4 pre final DVD on my laptop (Dell Vostro 1310) and the keyboard does not work. Apparently, the mouse does not work either. Seems like the system works fine, because I still can shutdown BT using the turn on/off button.
    Is someone having the same problem as I am?
    Should I do something in the booting process or this is a BT4 pre final bug?
    The BT4 beta works fine.

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    Smile Possible solution, HAL and messagebus conflict


    You could try this, I had to do it on my Mandriva 2009.1 since the newest HAL and messagebus somehow conflicts with each other.
    According to the Mandriva errata page on their wiki running these commands (as root of course, no problem doing that in BT...), solves the problem:

    chkconfig --del messagebus
    (ignore the errors)
    chkconfig --add messagebus
    I did this on my Dell Inspiron 9300, you said you also had a dell, don't know if it does matter, however it solved my problem

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