I downloaded -=Xploitz=- password file 2 days ago.
I do have a good base knowledge on handling files etc. But it did take me a long time to learn/research the use of command prompt/line to finally manage to merge those files together.

Somehow, today, I came across a link that could have shaved hours off my time spent yesterday, trying to merge those files together.

Its basically an application that within two easy clicks, you get that final result and for noobs like me, it will come in handy.

Here it is:
visualbasicexpress.com/merge-multiple-text-files-application/]Merge Multiple Text Files Application : VBX Free Apps[/url]

**just a tip. If you are trying to merge passwords together, 'manually copy' the file content yourself, rather than clicking the 'copy' button within the App.
Otherwise you end up with one HUGE password! lol.

Oh and thanks to the guys (Xploit etc.) who compiled these lists, I appreciate it.

Thank You.