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Thread: Cant detect my usb wifi-card

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    Question Cant detect my usb wifi-card

    I'm trying to crack my WEP key with Backtrack4 on VirtualBox but I can't find my external wifi-card...
    I typed "airmon-ng" and backtrack answer me:
    Interface Chipset Driver

    but nothing else below...
    How can I manage to see this wifi card?

    thx (and escuse my english!)

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    Hy, I'm having the same problem but it is in vmware. BT3&BT4 gives the same info.
    Didn't help much with a usb wifi adapter either.
    I don't know what to do!

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    BobbyGnu: Read here

    CcedSan: where's the device in question? what brand? what chipset? what model number? what version variant? where's your FCC ID? Did you even read virtualbox manual on how to share the device?

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