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Thread: Can't do anything after airodump-ng

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    Default Can't do anything after airodump-ng

    Ok I'm a total newb to anything to do with Linux, and BackTrack. So I've burnt my .ISO of BackTrack4 Pre-Final to a disc. I boot up into the disc and let everything load up. Then I think what I'm seeing is a Konsole window. I am trying from there to crack a WEP secured wireless network next door to me. I first do this..


    so that I can get the interface to use. Then I do this..

    airodump-ng myinterface

    and it brings up all the connections within range. But after that, I can't type anything else in the konsole window its missing. There's no where to type and I can't get out of it, not by pressing any buttons or anything.

    Am I doing something wrong? I'm really new to this, I thought I would be able to do more like in the Auditor boot CD. I think I'm missing a whole part to this, is it all done through this single Konsole window?

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    Backtrack boots into Console-mode by default. The XServer needs to be started manually. Type "startx" and then work from the KDE session.

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