My madwifi drivers on Backtrack 4 Pre are 4097
modinfo ath_pci

My madwifi drivers on Backtrack 4 Final are 4071

I'm having issues with my AR5008. It was working in BT 4 Pre with injection but I can't run
iwlist scan in BT Final with ath_pci loaded.
Keeps saying no scan results.

I can get ath9k working in BT 4 Final but I can only scan, can't do injection.

Do I need to point to the devel repositories and update madwifi ?

It's also confusing because BT 4 Final is r4071 but synaptics says 4098-bt3 , BT 4 Pre is r4097 and says 4098-bt0.

I also don't see karma support int BT 4 Final. Am I mssing something
iwpriv ath0 | grep karma
no private ioctls

One other question, is there going to be a BackTrack 4 Final section. I only see a 4 (pre). I know it's fairly new.
Nice work!!