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Thread: aircrack or cowpatty

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    Default aircrack or cowpatty

    i tried aircrack with a dictionary i grabbed online (10MB, approx 1M words). it took a while for aircrack to scan so i was wondering if cowpatty saves time.
    in addition i have a unique essid and from what ive read pre-calculated hash wouldnt be on the tables.
    also is there a way to get 4 way handshake without authenticating

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    Hmmm my 120GB dictionary still only nails about 12-13% of passwords. Not to mention it is a very good world list. The essid tells me a lot about the person. If its says "cute flowers" I know that I should first render personal things like names of pets, kid names and other emo stuff. If it die666_%&###!&ffd I don't even try. car names and brands tell me to render "guy stuff". Make sure you have good a Nvidia card if you are going to do wpa stuff!

    I would do some more reading on how this all works.
    All the best
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    Exactly as Onyro said

    also use CUPP
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