Hey guys,

Over the past few days I made these two threads in the Newbie Area, but now that I can post them here in the correct section I figured I would.

I'm running backtrack 3 from a usb stick with persistent changes. My first problem is that I cannot install Adobe flash player. I downloaded the correct file from the Adobe website, but when I extract it in the shell it doesn't say anything (I'm not sure if it's even supposed to or not) and it doesn't create the directory that the installer is supposed to extract to.

My second problem is that my USB stick can boot on all of the computers I have tried it on except my girlfriends laptop. When I try, I receive the "mount :mounting aufs on union failed(aufs)" error. I obviously have manually created the changes folder as it boots from every other computer so I'm not sure what the problem is. It's an HP laptop running vista. I could post more specs if necessary but I doubt it has anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance for the help.