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Thread: lilo.conf Error ?

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    Default lilo.conf Error ?

    hello i installed my bt3 on hdd
    and i get this erroR

    Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed
    Reading boot sector from /dev/hdb
    Warning: /dev/hdb is not on the first disk
    Using MENU secondary loader
    Calling map_insert_data

    Boot image: /boot/vmlinuz
    Added BackTrack *

    Boot other: /dev/hda1, on /dev/hda, loader CHAIN
    Added WinXP

    Writing boot sector.
    /boot/boot.0340 exists - no boot sector backup copy made.
    2 warnings were issued.

    can any one help me ?

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    can you provide a copy of your lilo.conf file along with your linux partition file setup list please and I can try to help.
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    I see no error in what you posted, looks like it went fine. Have you tried rebooting to see if the bootloader is OK?
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