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Thread: Another noob question or 2

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    Cool Another noob question or 2

    I'm proud to announce that I have become extremely happy with my adventures with backtrack 4 final. So much, that I have installed it in a dual boot with my xp sp/3, and have been running it for a couple of weeks now, fully updated, integrated, and customized. Now I have a couple more questions.

    I have installed Open Office 2.4, would like to know if I can get better, and I can't find their repositories from my term window.

    I would like to get some processor speed. I would like to be able to observe running processes and eliminate the unnecessary ones to gain processor speed when running an aircrack dictionary attack.

    I would like to create a custom dictionary that sequences through all the possibles, but I would like to be able to define word length to start and finish. For example: alpha/numeric/symbols; start word of 4 chars,=0000; end word of 6 chars=zzzzzz

    I read that this is possible using JTR, but beyond that I cant get anything. The JTR website gives nothing about this, just dict attack. Any help please!

    P.S. Been learning linux and I don't know if I will go back to XP, I'm likin' this.

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    Default Re: Another noob question or 2

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    Default Re: Another noob question or 2

    [QUOTE=Archangel.Amael;6766]OO instructions at there website on the main page - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
    3.0 on ubuntu 8.10 How to Install 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 - Step by step tutorial with screenshots! - Softpedia

    Unfortunately, this is ooo 2.4 still, but I followed your lead a little closer and got this: [Tutorial] Installing OOo on Ubuntu, Debian and Co. (View topic) • Community Forum , and wound up with ooo 3.2! This is very cool, but the coding he provides needs moded a little as far as the directories.

    Does everything operate and update, etc. acording to the linux-debian, and do I find stuff for linux, debian, or ubuntu, or do I look for all three of these.

    Still, does anybody know about the john the ripper thing?

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