greetings all
Thanks for stopping by to lend a hand I appreciate it so much
ok so heres the problem as I was saying I can WEP crack with aircrack-ng and iwconfig can see my wireless card as wlan0 but for some reason there is no internet connection or ability for me to upgrade or install software. now for the tricky techie part I'm running a dual boot on a Macbook Pro(1,1) specs viewable through mactracker (I can post them though if that helps) on setup I used disk utility to partition a 10 gb root and a 1 gb swap then moved over to my live cd used the install script set my partition manually and changed root password after install. and I did read the how to written for a newer version of the mbp with the beta but sense the final has an install script it was written in a way that it messes with the script and i just got lost.

thanks in advance for any help