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Thread: [Tutorial] How to: Create Fake AP (with a auto bash script!)

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    Default cant connect

    My vista box wont connect to fake ap, im running off the live cd, ive tried some things with dhcpd3 that we mentioned but i gotta be doing some thing wrong, do i have to turn dhcpd3 off before running the script, im lost

    ] Starting: FakeAP_pwn - g0tmi1k
    [+] Setting up FakeAP
    [+] Setting up forwarding tables...
    [+] Setting up DHCP server...
    [+] Start web server...
    [+] Force user to vist our site...
    [+] Here comes metasploit...
    Created by msfpayload (The Metasploit Project).
    Payload: windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    Length: 274
    Options: LHOST=
    [+] Uploading SBD...
    rm: cannot remove `/tmp/FakeAP_pwn.tmp': No such file or directory
    [-] Waitng for target to connect...

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    Default can't connect loop

    I have the same problem, it appears to be stuck in the while loop.
    /tmp/FakeAp_pwn.tmp does not exist. So in the mean time until we find the answer if you comment out all 3 lines of this loop you can connect to the internet using the client machine. I have connected with two clients both Vista and XP at the same time.
    Using eeepc and find things work better if I increase some of the sleep times.
    Any other help would be appreciated. Many thanks

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    Default cant connect


    i have followed what you have done. my client recives an ip address from DHCP but it cant ping the server

    i do ipconfig on my client and i get
    ip add and a gatway of

    when i try to ping it times out i dont understand

    i assume since i have recive that ip address from my server it must see it but it just can seem to use the internet or ping it please help

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    I see you got a new script? Testing it now


    works great!
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