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Thread: Layer 3 MiTM Attack tool

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    Default Layer 3 MiTM Attack tool

    Hey Guys

    I am currently performing an penetration test on a VoIP Network. (Cisco Based) Since I have already gained access to the voice network, and I have enumerated all services and hosts available I would like to move forward with some commonly used attacks (Specifically call interception.) Right now I have two Cisco IP 7940's (communicating over SCCP) and a Cisco Call Manager. I am unable to do any layer 2 MiTM attacks due to security settings on the switch these devices are currently plugged into. My next thought was to compromise the TFTP server (Call Manager) and modify the devices .xml file. By doing this I was able to change the configuration of the IP Phone and point the IP Phone to my laptop (Fake Call manager).

    My only issue is forwarding the requests of the phone to the call manager after the packets reach my Laptop. I am curious, is there a program out there that is written to achieve this?

    Phone A -

    Phone B -

    Laptop -

    Call Manager -

    Essentially what I would like to do is Forward all requests received by my Laptop from Phone A to the Call Manager who will forward to Phone B. The same in reverse.

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    Did you check out the Voip tools in BT4?
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