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Thread: A DELL Inspiron 1764 Laptop with a factory installed DELL WIRELESS 1520 Wireless-N W

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    Default A DELL Inspiron 1764 Laptop with a factory installed DELL WIRELESS 1520 Wireless-N W


    Upon using a BT4 Final boot cd two situations were found:

    1.Airmon-ng reports the wireless name but airodump-ng complained no INJECT could be found.
    2.Using BT4 Start Network and Wicd to connect to our Netopia Wireless would not connect no matter what Netopia Privacy setting was used and/or Wicd ADVANCED options were set.

    Then a REPLY was made after this post that discussed the results of using another HUB with BT4 Wicd. The REPLY made was thought to be added as a REPLY but was added to the last few lines of this post. So, take a look at the last few lines of this post listed,,,,,,then if you want to read all the details below you can come back,,,,,

    A DELL Inspiron 1764 Laptop running WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM with a factory installed DELL WIRELESS 1520 Wireless-N WLAN mini Card REV 2.02 with chip set BCM4303/BCMb2056000

    We are newbies at using the BT4 Final environment. If we used the BT4 tasks correctly it seemed that this should be reported in the HCL forum about the DELL 1764 Laptop and the factory installed DELL 1520 Wireless card (by BROADCOM) with chip set: BCM4303/BCMb2056000. But, if this is listed in the wrong forum or any of the following is using something the wrong way please let us know.

    BACKTRACK 4 Final Environment (Boot of CD)

    1. As root on the initial boot shell as well as any other shell started from "startx", the airmon-ng would produce the INTERFACE name but airodump-ng complained about not finding injection mode.

    DELL Support indicates that this card cannot be placed in injection mode. A request was sent to BROADCOM about injection and/or any available driver several days ago and has not been answered at this time.

    2. To use the BT4 available browsers, getting the card to connect to our Netopia Wireless using fixvesa, startx, K Menu, SERVICES -NETWORK: StartNetwork, INTERNET - Wicd Network Manager:
    any advanced setting in Wicd did not connect.

    Our NETOPIA wireless allows the following Operating Modes and each of the following Operating modes was used/selected one at a time for each of the PRIVACY settings listed below.

    Operating Mode Normal(802.11b-g)
    Operating Mode 802.11b Only
    Operating Mode 802.11g Only

    Also, our NETOPIA wireless has the following options for SECURITY/PRIVACY:

    PRIVACY SETTINGS allowed in the Netopia Wireless

    WPA-802x1x This setting requires a RADIUS Server ----this was not used.
    OFF - No Privacy

    WINDOWS 7 .vs. LINUX BackTrack 4 Final using a DELL 1764 Laptop and a factory installed DELL 1520 Wireless Inteface card chip set: BCM4303/BCMb2056000

    WINDOWS 7 Environment and all works as expected in the Windows 7 environment for the 1520.

    WPA-PSK in the Netopia Wireless = WPA-Personal with TKIP security in the Windows 7 environment--works as expected.
    WEP Automatic in the Netopia Wireless works as expected in the Windows 7 environment for the 1520.
    WEP Manual in the Netopia Wirelessworks as expected in the Windows 7 environment for the 1520.
    OFF - No Privacy (UNSECURE) works as expected in the Windows 7 environment for the 1520.

    BACKTRACK 4 Final Environment (Boot of CD)

    WOW,,,,Nice interface and available selections!!!
    K Menu
    SERVICES / NETWORK: StartNetwork
    INTERNET / Wicd Network Manager

    Wicd listed all available wireless connect points in range as well as each one's MAC address along with the security setting for that connect point and their channel number. Our wireless Netopia MAC address, expected SECURITY mode, and the expected CHANNEL number was also listed.

    For any security option set in the Netopia Wireless the BackTrack 4 Wicd ADVANCED options would not allow a connection to our Netopia Wireless.

    A detail list of the Wicd CONNECTION attempts and responses as well as outputs from dmesg and iwconfig are available if required.

    Any additional thoughts are appreciated.

    We are now looking for a USB adapter listed within the Aircrack-ng web pages.

    THANKS for your time, help, and advice!!!


    Hello ALL,,,,

    OK,,, just started using another WIRELESS hub that is set "UNSECURE" and
    Wicd is connecting in BT4 as expected,,,,,,This other HUB is what is being used for
    this REPLY using BT4 FIREFOX,,,,,,,well, could not get FIREFOX to send the
    two words of "I am Human" correctly. So, switched back to WINDOWS 7 ,,,still
    using that other wireless HUB though. At this time this other HUB manufacturer is not known
    in order to make some sort of comparision to our Netopia Gateway/Wireless.

    Now, this shows the BT4 with Wicd is working with the 1520 chip set as expected,,,,,,
    This case indicates our Netopia Wireless is where the problem begins.

    With this other HUB the airmon-ng still provides the INTERFACE name (eth1) and airodump-ng still complains about INJECTION not found.

    Relative to normal BT4 and Wicd we are going to take another (much closer) look at our Netopia Wireless!!!!!

    THANKS for views,,,,,,

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