I'd like to understand the repository structure at better. There's main, restricted, universe, multiverse and in addition to that microverse and macroverse. The latter ones are specific to BT4 afaik, but what exactly are main, restricted, universe, multiverse? I mean I understand the purpose of these due to my Ubuntu experience (official, community-maintained, free, non-free) - what I'm curious about... is it a 1:1 mirror of the Intrepid repositories? Is it a "repackaged" mirror, i.e. all Intrepid packages rebuild for BT4? Is it just a subset of Intrepid repositories? I've seen that e.g. Xfce 4.4.2 is available which is not part of the distro - that suggests a complete Intrepid mirror. Could someone give me a structured insight here please?

Related to that: How are security updates to pwnsauce delivered (i.e. not the BT4 tools in microverse/macroverse)? Do you directly modify the main, restricted, universe and multiverse repositories if needed and provide updates there? Or is at least main and restricted a "snapshot" as with stock Intrepid and updates are delivered within a separate update repository?

Thanks in advance,