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Thread: How to capture handshake file?

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    Red face How to capture handshake file?

    [SIZE="4"]I followed the tutorial to capture the handshake. but when I finish key in the command of step 3 of "aireplay-ng -0 5 -a 00:1D:7E:64:9A:7C -c 00:253:0B:71:15 mon0"(mac address was base on my truth), BACKTRACK begin to capture handshake, and I found the data increasing. For a long time(at lease 4 hour), the data still increasing slowly and cannot capture the handshake file. I have change the channel and mac address, but occur the same problem, also cannot capture the handshake at last.[/
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    Try Frequently Asked Questions
    Also check the rules that you agreed to uphold so that you will know which two you have already broken. The dumb formatting (while annoying and likely to have the effect of no one taking you serious) is not a violation of the rules.
    There is a quiz.

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