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Thread: zte ac8710 usb modem

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    Unhappy zte ac8710 usb modem

    helo backtrackers

    i am using bt4

    i am trying to connect thru via zte usb modem

    when i connect the device my lsusb shows

    19d2:fff6 as a storage usb

    so i need to switch it to

    19d2:fff1 in order to make it work as a modem

    i modprobed 19d2:fff1 and

    i used usb_modeswitch for that

    and lsusb shows 19d2:fff1

    the problem is that this device is not getting attatched to /dev/ttyUSB0 and i am unable to detect where it is getting attatched

    i have even done mknod /dev/ttyUSB0 c 188 0

    this is also of no use

    in short wvdialconf is not recognising my modem

    i think this is the last bit of the problem can some one please help

    the hardware is working perfectly with ubuntu jaunty

    my box is having a dual boot between jaunty and bt

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    hmm since i solved this problem here is the solution

    i modprobe the target vendor and product

    then use modeswitch

    install wvdial

    ur up

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