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Thread: RTL8187, Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, zd1211rw

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    Quote Originally Posted by HanShotFirst View Post
    Here's where my confusion comes in regarding this and if someone could correct my inaccuracies, that'd be great.
    Am I wrong in assuming that something is not working correctly?
    From my experience and some other users I would say that you are right.
    Something is not working correctly.
    Nevertheless there seem to be some lucky ones that using the same card as you and I, seem to get it working properly...
    Not our case, obviously...

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    Quote Originally Posted by djohn View Post
    (Hello, thats my 1st post here)

    Just to confirm that the following cards work out of the box with bt-4 (pre)

    Alfa 500mW (AWUS036H) (rtl8187)

    Works perfect, injecting works

    Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (my hp pavilions on board card)

    Works very well, injecting works

    (TP-LINK) TL-WN422G (ZyDAS WLA-54L) (zd1211rw)

    Didnt work on BT-4 beta, now works out of the box, injecting works

    Thanks for your posting

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