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Thread: Backtrack 4 Pre Final -USB/Persistent

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    Default Backtrack 4 Pre Final -USB/Persistent

    Good evening, unfortunately I do not speak English so well. Möcht attempt to write. Since a week I have back<A[back|baking]> track of 4 Pre Final on my SD-card and it runs also up to now very much well. Leider one does not store it with anything. What can that be due to?

    Guter Abend, leider spreche ich Englisch nicht so gut. Möcht versuchen zu schreiben. Seit einer Woche habe ich Backtrack 4 Pre Final auf meinem SD-card und es läuft auch bisher sehr gut. Leider speichert es mit nichts ab. An was kann das liegen?


    A lot thanks to, and beautiful greets from Germany

    Vielen dank, apache

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    I would suggest to ask in Backtrack German community (hxxp:// (hxxp=http, cant post links yet)). What you are asking, is to make USB with persistant changes and there are many guides allready in these forums (just need to search a bit!). They are all in English as far as I know, thats why I suggest to go look in the German community part of these forums.

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