FYI - if you get NO devices/paritions listed when running, like so::

- UNmount all devices and/or partitions&filesystems that you mounted separate from BT4 root filesystem/liveCD mounts (( specifically the one you want to install BT4 to! ))
umount /dev/$partition
example:: umount /dev/sdb3 (( my SATAII device, 3rd partition ))
in my case, I had mounted my old BT4beta filesystem /dev/sdb3 @ /mnt/sdb3, I couldn't get anything to show... unmounting everything and then getting back to the partition section of the ubiquity installer, I found myself here ::

notice in the above picture, the "After :" part is a tad decieving, enough that it scared me.
I "thought" the "AFTER" part meant that using the Manual option, ubiquity would wipe all my paritions on /dev/sdb and utilize the WHOLE thing for BT4 install!@#!@
I couldn't have been further from the truth!!

the MANUAL option @ the "Prepare your disk space" (paritioning) phase of the ubiquity installer is one of the slickest GUI linux installers I've ever seen! (( damn near on par with qtparted/gparted ))

all in all, everything is up and running! thank you soo much BT/RE/OS teams! I love it all, too much... I am many days now without slackware installed on this box, and I am really liking BT4's take on ubuntu!

I'm thinking of trying out resier4, but beings that you gotta patch grub to use it for a bt4 /boot and / [root dir] I might wait on that part... but it appears bt4 pre final supports reiser4 mounts, maybe /home, or play with a small 5gig /mnt partition... anyways has anyone messed around with this resier4 lately? if so, whats ur oppinions?

whats cool is I got things right, everything is ripping' and I even got to play with a new tool to upload these screenshots to flickr from commandline (slick!) = uploadr