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Thread: Problems with setting up my wifi!

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    Default Problems with setting up my wifi!

    hi i'm new to linux, i recently installed BT4 to have a play with. it's installed on my little sony vaio vgn-t2xp and dual booted with xp (which after a few trys got it sorted). i can't for the life of me work out or find any help on trying to get the wireless card working! after some playing around i found how to get the ethernet working. when i use wicd network manager it says "wireless kill switch enabled" (and yes i have tried to turning the wifi card on and off. there arn't even any status lights coming on which makes me think there are no drivers for it. can any one help?

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    Default Re: Problems with setting up my wifi!

    You might be better off buying a external wifi adapter. Plenty out there that work wit BT.

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    Default Re: Problems with setting up my wifi!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dippy View Post
    hi i'm new to linux.
    Hi Dippy. I have some homework for you... I know, I know, everyone hates homework, but you will thank me after this.

    First, go here and read a few of the links inside. (I'm doing this because I want you to do good, and not fail...)

    Second: If this is your first Linux distro, I would highly recommend using a different distro until you get used to linux. My I recommend Ubuntu or any other user friendly distro (pick anything based off Debian/Ubuntu so you can come right back to BT and understand it, seeing as how BT is based off Ubuntu.)

    Third: Find out what your wireless card is and use the search function of the forums to find out if the card works with BT. (Basic idea of what works here: Wireless Drivers | BackTrack Linux)

    I hope you will do the first and second one... the third is for you after you return from your quest across the internet. May your homework be fruitful of knowledge, and my your internet speed be fast.


    Respond if you have any questions. Hope you do well
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    Common Knowledge: Username, "root". Password, "toor". "startx" gives you a GUI, and "fix-vesa" will fix BT if you have no GUI. Start networking with "/etc/init.d/networking start" and check your IP settings with "ifconfig -a". "dhclient" will automatically use DHCP for your IP. Google is your friend.

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    Default Re: Problems with setting up my wifi!

    you can find your available networks cards by typing in a shell

    ifconfig -a

    you can find your available wireless cards by typing


    if this come up with a result (you should see the name of your card with "wireless extention") so, your wireless card is installed

    otherwise try to type lspci in a shell and give me the output so i can help you to find the driver and see if your card is compatible

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    That would be telling !

    Default The perfect card !

    1. Alfa network awu036h 500mw (The suposed 1w model is a load of bol***** !

    2. This beauty will go up to 300m

    3. It has a realtek 8717 chipset,supports injection etc

    4. Take off the 2dbi aerial that comes with it and get your self a yagu for directional,theres some seriously powerfull ones out there (36dbi) or get your self a nice 18dbi omni for about £6 pound off ebay.

    This is backtracks seceret wifi lover...

    make sure you find a reputable shop or seller that is selling original cards,as there are fake ones out there.

    Binbashneedaslash// alfa network items - Get great deals on Computing, Vehicle Parts Accessories items on eBay UK!
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