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Thread: Bt4 login

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    Default Bt4 login

    I try to put some name and password and writes 'incorrect password'. The
    keyboard does not work when i try to put the password and so i press 'space'
    and then i put a password. What login name and password should i give?
    It also gives me some error about ntfs and says to remove the 'safely remove hardware' icons from the icon bar but i don't have any. If you need exact text
    then i will send it.

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    Since you've been so kind not to provide enough info I'm gonna have to use the old crystal ball trick.
    First of all I'm guessing that you use the VMware version of BT4b.
    So if my sixth sense is correct the 'safely remove hardware' would be from devices switching (e.g. wireless card) between the HOST and GUEST OS.
    And for the final act the all-time favourite............

    login: root
    pass: toor


    And if this doesn't help please do send us the exact text.
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    Somebody didn't do any reading when he download Backtrack......
    I'm looking forward to more questions from Marios =P
    Also once you've entered the username and password, the next step would be to type "startx" then hit enter. =D

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    Default password reset

    i had the same issues (no idea why)

    what i did to fix is:

    install backtrack
    login with user created during install
    type "sudo passwd root"
    enter the logged in users password
    enter a new password for root (twice)
    login as root using new password


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