We're revamping our Videos section - and very soon will be adding more quality videos to our Tutorial section.
Here's a quick list of our current videos. This list will be updated as new videos are added.

General Videos:

Windows ANI Exploit in Action
Shmoocon 2008 - I piss on your AV
Defcon 2008 - From bug to 0day - HP NNM
Offensive Security Webcast 01
Offensive Security Webcast 02
Hacking Cisco DTP

BackTrack Videos:

Up and running with BackTrack 4
Installing BackTrack 4 to Hard Disk
Installing BackTrack 4 to USB - Persistent changes
Customizing the BackTrack ISO
Installing VMWare Server on BackTrack 4
Installing Nessus on BackTrack 4

BackTrack 4 Pre Final is DAYS before release... Make sure you are updated with the new installation and customization methods!

More videos at http://www.offensive-security.com/ba...-tutorials.php