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Thread: vmware 6.5 / bt3 / win 7 - freezing

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    Default vmware 6.5 / bt3 / win 7 - freezing

    any time the drivers are being accessed for the alfa500mw device - realtek rt18187 drivers it freezes.

    when backtrack is booting up it goes to load those drivers it freezes then i disconnect the usb connection to the alfa500mw and it starts continuing to boot up immediately.

    then if i stop airmon to change mac and start again it freezes. i disconnect/reconnect it continues but, then i have to change mac again since it gets reset but i can only do it with macchanger options device command.

    then i try to run airodump-ng wlan0 and it freezes again.

    why does it keep freezing like this? is this due to win 7?

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    I haven't seen anything similar with my setup. Have you tried a different network device?

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    i doubt it im on 7, altho bt4, and ive had no probs at all.
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    How should win7 affect your hardware? Microsoft is pulling off quite a lot of stuff but modifying hardware is not being heard of yet.
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