i have HP Dv4 laptop that come`s with link 5100 wifi card, in BT3 i had lots of problem with it, and now in BT4 i can finaly go to monitor mode.
any way the problem is the injection (AIREPLAY, ETC), i serch in google for solution, i didnt find any help, and i saw many have the same problem...

i also saw this thread in AIRCRACK forum : "Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 5100 Card injection OK"

it seems that they found a solution for the problem on 2.6.27-rc7.tar.bz2

i cant post a url so this is the Quote :

I have Samsung Q310 laptop with Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 5100 Card.

I would like to confirm that the injection test is working OK with kernel linux-2.6.27-rc7.tar.bz2,
patchet with the latest iwlwifi drivers patch, wich enables packet injection for iwlagn.

In order to get injection working on Intel 5100 card download the latest linux-2.6.27-rc7.tar.bz2 kernel and patch the iwlwifi driver with the diffs from the latest kernel iwlwifi driver changes from Stefanik Gábor here
I hope the iwlwifi driver changes will bi included in the next 2.6.27 kernel version.

i read every singal post there and i didnt find any help with BT4, there where a few post about BT4 but no help there.

im new with linux and i think this fix is for ubuntu ...

any chance that the working drivers can work on bt4 ?
or any thing that can make the wifi card to inject ?
i really just want to save my self the money by buying a usb adapter...
if its working...

i know this problem is not only for me and mayb some one can help us all with this problem.

thanks !