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Thread: o which wireless card works right out of the box with bt4?

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    Default o which wireless card works right out of the box with bt4?

    The last time I played with bt was back in 2.0 days with a senao nl2511cd plus ext2 card which was a complete pain to get working btw, but my dumb ass stepped on it in a drunken stupor stumbling around the room and bent it at an almost 90 degree angle. Lesson learned, no more hardware lying around the floor... This time around I just don't have the time to play around as much anymore as I used to and would rather just get something that will work from the minute I pop it in. Is there anything out there in the 200-300mW range for $50 or so, or would I have to shell out more cash than that?

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    the ones listed in the wiki work out of the box.

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    For Back track 4 beta this is what i have tested and found working flawlessly right out of the box (monitoring+injection):
    1. Linksys WUSB54GC (the old and ever working, you probably knew that already)
    2. ZyXEL G-202

    Both are USB and are tested with both VMware and bootable DVD.

    I'm still a noob at this but in my opinion it seems that the ZyXEL works faster and better.
    It could maybe have something to do with its superior reception compared to the Linksys. In my neighbourhood i receive 3 AP's with the Linksys and 6 with the ZyXEL.

    I have not tried my D-link DWL-G630 E2 (PCMCIA-card) yet but i will soon.


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