I've been trying to install bt4 to my HD. It's a dual-boot ubuntu jaunty/bt4 box. I followed the directions in the forums to install it, and used the sourceforge bt4install program.

It seems like when it uses lilo, things work fine. But when I use the default grub (for ubuntu), it boots half way and dies. I get the following error message...

"Fatal error occured - BT4 data not found.
You are maybe using an unsupported boot device (eg. SCCSI or old PCMCIA).
Workaround: Copy the directory BT4 from your boot device to an ide/sata disk....".

The command above says "looking for 'bt4' data directory (searching for livecd file).

I know my hardware works with bt because I'm able to boot up off the livecd just fine. Also, if I keep the bt cdrom in the drive and boot off the HD, when it gets to this point, the CDROM spins up and it starts using the cd.

If anybody has any ideas, I'd appreciate some help!