Hi, since my BCM4312 didn't seem to work, I purchased an Asus WL-167g adapter, does the job. The only concern is, I've put my AP's as WEP and had one Laptop trying to 'crack' the password, meanwhile the other using XP and surfing, the crack took me about 30seconds, I managed to get roughly 80k data files and essentially cracked my own key. However, now I'm doing the same procedure without the secondary laptop at my aid (yes yes let's all teach me lessons in trying to hack my neighbour, that's not the case) the data files are going incredibly slowly even though I'm using injection, and now due to it's lack of speed I decided to put my laptop on the side and let it do its thing next to my router, however the laptop after about 40minutes collects about 500 data files (incredibly lame) and becomes incredibly slow unoperational and extremely hot, how can I avoid such a scenario from occuring, or even speed up the injection procedure? Thanks in advance.