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Thread: 0trace - cant get a succesfull trace

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    Default 0trace - cant get a succesfull trace

    Hi all

    I did some research on 0trace, imma noob in this so let me start with what i know about it.

    After what i understood, is that u are able fire up a tracert through firewalls, and then be able to see whats behind the firewall, ofc it depends on alot of stuff.

    But what i manaegd to do is:

    [+] Waiting for traffic from target on eth0...
    ^C[+] Traffic acquired, waiting for a gap...

    With no luck.
    What i first did was:

    telnet ip port eth0 ip port

    But 0trace just stays on "waiting for gap..."

    What is it that i do wrong?

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    It wont work if

    - Target's firewall drops all outgoing ICMP messages,

    - Target's firewall does TTL or full-packet rewriting,

    - There's an application layer proxy / load balancer in the way
    (Akamai, in-house LBs, etc),

    - There's no notable layer 3 infrastructure behind the firewall.

    The tool also has a fairly distinctive TCP signature, and as such, it can
    be detected by IDS/IPS systems.

    Have you tried firewalk ?
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    Default Hehe

    Maybe i should try do some researching on firewalk then .

    Thanks for that info, about the reasons of why it wouldt work, u got anything i should know on firewalking?

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