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Thread: BT4beta - VMware 6.5 error "read/write failed"

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    Well it seems that you are not connected to the network obviously

    As I said there have been threads open about that countless times.

    And also regarding your remark in your other thread, in general we don't dislike noobs. But we don't like to answer the same question for the <insert number greater 1000>th time. If you will be around here for some time you will notice that there are always the same questions being asked and that they are answered usually in a sticky post, a blog entry or another kind of readme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eLiT3SnIpEz View Post
    What details about my internet connection should I provide to better assist?
    Generally the way you connect to the internet would be useful. Are you on some special type of connection or is it you and your modem straight to the web? Broadband, dial-up, etc.

    The problem with the Internet as it is is that when I try to open firefox in backtrack 4, the browser says it cannot establish an internet connection. I'm trying to figure out why it's saying that, and more importantly, how do I fix this? If someone can help me out here, I thank you ahead of time, and again later
    Also try pinging a website instead of going through firefox.
    once you believe you are connected then try something like
    ping -c 4
    If packets return then you know that you have a connection (at least to where you pinged).
    Also since it is vmware make sure that your vmware can access the internet itself.
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    I just read the whole thread and I have a little comment to add.
    I'm using VMware a lot, and whenever I have issues with the network connection I check how I set the connection on the VMware.

    If you have internet on your Windows machine, you need to enable "bridged" so the VM will be able to connect over the "real" Ethernet or Wireless Connection.

    I'm just saying this because it was never mentioned above. You only said "made sure all settings were correct", I sometimes overlooked this setting and was trying to figure it out for a long time.

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    I'm DLing Backtrack 3 as I type. When that finishes and I get it up and running, I'll come back with an edit describing my experience.

    Here's as much as I can give of my internet setup. I use wireless internet, using a Linksys WUSB54GC stick, that is compatible, it just needs a driver update for fragmentation attacks. My desk is several feet away form the main computer and router, which is a DLink DIR-628 (hxxp: I doubt the router matters too much, but just in case you needed to know what kind it was.

    Anything else I missed? : P

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