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Thread: backtrack 3 freezing when loading realtek drivers?

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    Default backtrack 3 freezing when loading realtek drivers?

    when booting up backtrack 3 in vmware it freezes when it gets to loading realtek drivers this is the last line: rt181817 reported eeprom chip is a

    chipset in laptop is atheros connected with an alfa500mw

    anybody know what i'm referring to?

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    bt3 doesnt come with the rtl8187 driver .. it has the r8187 driver tho
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    Does it come with bt4?

    I tried it last night and when it froze i disconnected the usb capable to the alfa500mw and then it unfroze immediately then i connected it again. i went to kismet and it started detecting the wireless networks around and packets.

    so it seems to work sometimes. i tried a couple times today but, it's not working, i can't even get kismet to open.

    so how did it work last night?

    or how can I install those drivers in bt3? i'm a linux noob btw. if bt4 has them included i'd rather try that so i'm going to check bt4 next.


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