Hey guys

For a longer period of time Ive been running BT4 B off a usb drive.

The partition is as following:

Base - 2 GB (1.1 still free)
Changes - 6 GB (0 Free)

The only installs that Ive done are

Nvidia GFX drivers
Metasploit FW 3.2
A few *LARGE* driver packs

This has been running great but a couple of days ago I noticed a decrease in performance and now I cant even launch KDE because of lack of disk space.

Ive mentioned that Im a linux n00b and because of it Ive already formatted my changes partition several times before finally getting the hang of things properly.

At the moment the only alternative I have is to copy hordes of logs and scripts, reformatting, copying back and reinstalling everything - which easily results in atleast a couple of days of nonsense...

Id be very appreciative for advice on the matter, thanks.

*Edit - Sorry I should probably mention that I dont understand how its possible for the entire 6 GB to be consumed...