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Thread: Backtrack dont starting KDE

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    Default Backtrack dont starting KDE

    Hi there!

    I have an HP Paivilion dv6-2088dx laptop and downloaded Backtrack 4 Final. When I boot in my USB Key (8 Gb), and typing startx, the KDE dont appears, but the system says "x server error". The X Serevr dont be configured automaticaly?

    How i make to start KDE?

    The laptop have AMD Turion II X2 Dual Core Processor, 6 Gb DDR2-800 RAM and ATI Mobility Radeon 4200. I will like to install BT4 in my HDD, but the KDE dont appears... If BT4 have an text-mode installation, post here please!

    I burn in DVD. but the problem dont change...

    Sorry for my poor English...

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    Default Re: Backtrack dont starting KDE

    The problem is X and your graphic card.

    You can do a hardcore install :-) Googel backtrack perfekt disk install I saw a guied
    Something like this create , boot , root. Copy alla data from the booted CD too them. fix
    fstab and grub, When you are done try dowload Radeon driver from there officel site and
    install it then I think X will work.

    Or you can try harder in fixing a xorg.conf that will work. Try download and install Radeon driver
    direkt from booted usb.
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    Default Re: Backtrack dont starting KDE

    We will be adding the ATI drivers to the repositories in the next few days.
    Until then, you can try to use VESA drivers.
    and restart X.

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    Default Re: Backtrack dont starting KDE

    I`ve the same problem as he.

    But i have a little bit different hardware:" HP Pavilion dv7 2016-eg" with "Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo" and "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650"

    With VirtualBox i`m able to start BT4 without problems, but i`m not able to start KDE with the live dvd.
    -> Screens found, but no usable configuration

    I`ll try to run "fix-vesa" & startx.

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    Default Re: Backtrack dont starting KDE

    Problem fixed!
    I type fix-vesa and then startx, KDE appears. I intalled BT4 in HDD, and the ATI driv er.

    Thanks for helping!

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