Hello guys, I have a new notebook without dvd-drive. So I wanne install bt3 with my usb-stick.
But..when my laptop boot from the stick, i can see the fluxbox, but no commando works. I see a flashing underline. This are the the last 11 lines:
starting Linux Live scripts <hxxp_//linux-live.org/>
* starting loop device support
* starting cdrom filesystem support
* starting squashfs support
* starting aufs support with brs=1
* starting vfat support
* starting ntfs support
* creating /dev enteries for block devices
* starting USB support
* starting PCMCIA CardBus support
* looking for data directory
Than i can type a commando, but npthing will be accepted.
I did it this way:
fat32 stick->unrar the .ISO->copy to the stick the 2 folders->start the bootinst.bat

I'm sure, that its working on my notebook. But at since somedays no way to come to the login.

Who can help me?