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Thread: Giga Password Generator, a simple way to generate customized wordlists

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    Default Giga Password Generator, a simple way to generate customized wordlists

    Here is a little thread to share another password generator script with you. This one is called "Giga Password Generator", it is Crunch powered for most of the modes and originally made for Backtrack 3 Final. I made this script a few months ago, but it was in french and the code was kinda dirty. The script was modded by Tite-Live who did a nice work to improve the code and to add new features. So here it is, the actual version: Giga Password Generator 1.3.1

    -23 differents modes of wordlist generation
    -2 languages (english and french)
    -Displays the size of the file on-the-fly
    -You can choose a directory for the output file
    -Can split the output file in choosen sizes
    -Tells you before splitting how many parts you'll have

    Here are the differents modes you can use:

    __________________________________________________ ___________
    { }________The Dictionary will be made of :_________________}
    | 1) Numbers
    | 2) Numbers + startblock choice
    | 3) Uppercase letters
    | 4) Uppercase letters + startblock choice
    | 5) Lowercase letters
    | 6) Lowercase letters + startblock choice
    | 7) Numbers + Uppercase letters
    | 8) Numbers + Uppercase letters + startblock choice
    | 9) Numbers + Lowercase letters
    | 10) Numbers + Lowercase letters + startblock choice
    | 11) Numbers + Uppercase letters + Lowercase letters
    | 12) Numbers + Uppercase letters + Lowercase letters + startblock choice
    | 13) Uppercase letters + Lowercase letters
    | 14) Uppercase letters + Lowercase letters + startblock choice
    | 15) Hexadecimal
    | 16) Hexadecimal + startblock choice
    | 17) Hexadecimal for WPA Livebox
    | 18) Hexadecimal for WPA Livebox + startblock choice
    | 19) Customized charset
    | 20) Customized charset + startblock choice
    | 21) Only Mask Startmask
    | 22) Only Mask Endmask
    | 23) Mask Startmask + Endmask
    |_________________________________________________ ___________
    {_}_______________________________________________ ___________}
    So as you can see there are various modes and masks features, you can even use a customized charset. For each mode you can choose the min and max lengths of the passwords which will be generated. Here are some screens so you can see what this is about:

    The Help menu:

    The 23 modes:

    With this tool you can easily generate several huge customized wordlists, I hope this will be helpful. If you're interested about the development of the script, you can read the original topic on my forum here: Giga Password Generat0r (translated in english with Google).

    I want to say thanks again to Tite-Live who really made a wonderful job on this tool, I'm sure he'll appreciate feedbacks about his work if you find it useful.
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