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Thread: 20 pin ATX plug & pins

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    Default 20 pin ATX plug & pins

    Anyone know where I can get, preferably within UK, a 20 pin ATX plug with pins.

    What I mean is like a DIY kit.
    I have a pin removal tool, but trying to "un-crimp" the tiny pins on an already wired plug is a real pita.
    All I want to do is shorten the wires, but I'm working in a tiny space, so cutting the wires and using 20x connectors is no good. (Much too bulky)
    Splicing and sleeving each wire would be difficult as the wires will be very short.
    It's a really small PSU too, so shortening and re-soldering at that end would be a real hassle compared to fitting a new plug

    Maybe someone has one of those Maplins catalogues and could take a look in it for me?
    I can't find one on their site and it would save me a 30 mile trip if someone has the book and could take a look

    It seems quite surprising, to me, how difficult they are to find.
    Maybe my google-fu is a bit lacking today!?


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    ATX Motherboard Power Connectors > Maplin


    PRO SIGNAL|RB-524|ADAPTOR, ATX, 20PIN TO 24PIN | Farnell United Kingdom

    The farnell product isn't really what you are looking for, but you may be able to utilise it in some way?
    One word : SEARCH

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    Thanks Speedy & archangel.amael

    The Maplins one is what I hoped to find.
    I searched their site for "ATX 20 pin", "ATX 20 pin connector" etc but all I found was 20 to 24 pin converters, ATX extension cables or Molex plugs!

    /me goes to stand in corner with head held down in shame

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