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Thread: Kismet Captures Packets but Not Airodump-NG

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    Default Kismet Captures Packets but Not Airodump-NG


    I am using Backtrack 3.0 Final
    I have a Intel Pro 4965AGN Wireless card
    It is Using the iwl4965 driver

    If I run Kismet it will show that it is capturing data, however when I use airodump-ng to do a capture no Data packets are captured.

    After searching the only incompatibility I can find is that this card is not supported for packet injection. However I am just trying to capture data not inject it.

    Can someone help me with this. I am trying to do a wep crack using this setup. If I goto Microcenter or Best Buy to get a cheap card No One has a clue if they support monitor mode. I have already bought and returned 6 wireless USB cards.


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    HCL:Wireless -

    First link on google when searching for "wireless compatibility backtrack"

    When your done and think you found a card you want ... do a quick search for alfa.
    Using backtrack for the first time is like being 10 years old again with the keys to a Ferrari.

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    Hello vvpalin,

    I take it that my wireless card is compatible. On your first link I found:

    IPW4965/IWL4965 agn
    Monitor: yes, works natively on backtrack3
    Injection: no, there are works being done on it.
    To load the driver

    modprobe iwl4965

    So I assume my card is supposed to work natively. However it does not and that is why I posted this thread.

    One of the reasons I cant stand the fact I never persued a Computer science degree is that I have no control over my computer. I am always at the mercy of someone who knows how to code. Logically to me I would think that if it captures packets in Kismet it should be able to capture packets in airodump-ng. So I was hoping someone would be able to help me troubleshoot this.

    As far as searching for alfa, I did a google search on alfa and the primary result was "Alfa Aesar, laboratory chemical supplier" and "assisted living federation of america"

    So I think maybe you were telling me :

    1. I need to change my career from computers to something in the chemical industry
    2. I am on some serious checmicals for not understanding the whole wireless card thing
    3. Maybee I need to join the assisted living federation of america becouse I am so slow and stupid.

    I am just not sure. You have me guessing on the alfa comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcaseyva View Post
    I have already bought and returned 6 wireless USB cards. Thanks
    why didn't you check to see if they were compatible first

    you can get the Alfa @ Pasadena Networks, LLC ive bought all of my wireless stuff from them, great costumer service and fast shipping!

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