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EDIT: Did a complete reinstallation of 64bit Intrepid, installed latest cuda drivers without any problems, installed pyrit, and test benchmarks, ~19500 hashs/s. Installed aircrack-ng with cuda support and I still get the same performance figures. So, it was not a driver issue. For whatever reason with the 295 GTX, there still needs to be a lot of optimization.
yo Zermelo, I am curious if by chance you've tried and had any success in higer performance with aircrack-ng-cuda using the command-line switch "-p 4"??

as I mentioned earlier I have 2x GPUs, and a quad-core CPU Q6600 -- according to the README.CUDA file from aircrack-ng-cuda it says something to the effect that "-p 1" will run on GPU (what happens if you have 2x GPUs or in yr case = 2x GPUs on the same PCI-E slot), and supposedly any # higher then 1 will run on CPU... for me, I nearly DOUBLE my keys per second with "-p 4", I just know this can't be a near 2x increase from plainly using my CPU cores?#!!

give `er a shot, and lemme know what u get! btw, thats pretty schweeet #'s in pyrit! w00t