Ive spent the last week playing with ssh and remote shells "my hosting server" I have done everything from ssh chaining, ssh TUNNEL chaining, to adding a socks or http proxy at the beginning or end of the chain. Its been GREAT fun, and i must say completely legal as i own all the hosts

Anyways i was planning on writing up a How-To but then it dawned on me that since proxys are such a big thing why not write a full in depth guide on everything that can be done to not only provide yourself with anonymity but also tunnel into and out of restrictive network configurations.

So im turning to you guys as you obviously have WAY more experience in the matter than i. Could you make some suggestions for programs to check out, ways to do things, or just any general advice you want to throw out there. I already plan on looking into ICMP and DNS tunneling but i know there is MUCH more out there as i have barely scratched the surface.

Im on all the popular msngrs so if you get bored and wish to become my personal google or are in the mood to spoon-feed, feel free to pm me.


I'm hoping to atleast have a rough draft writting up in a week or to so be on the lookout