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Thread: SQL Map, command not found?

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    Default SQL Map, command not found?

    hi guys, I recently just installed Backtrack 4 on a virtual machine.

    And i whent to use SQLMap, But its not working for me?

    Im getting Command not found?

    Any help guys, Heres a SS attatched of 2 diff commands tried.

    EDIT: It will not let me show a picture of it here ..

    But yeah thats the error thats occuring, Any help here guys?

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    i guess ur one of the people that dont know that Backtrack 4 is ubuntu based now.

    okay to fix this problem and srry im at a school computer. so my info might be off by a couple of words.

    okay so...
    -open a command shell
    -type "cd /pentest/web/sqlmap/"
    -then just python the sqlmap script
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