Yes, that's,what I was thinking of.
I forgot the name of such a thing, it is called gpu, I think, but I am not sure.

However, whith this peace of software it is possible to configure all processing units of a computer for decrypting, brute-force and other guessing techniques.

This tool shall allow to combine all gpu's from a sli/crossfire-combination to those cores of the cpu and use all of the cores to compute fine things, like hashes for example.

What would You say?

Would You like to adopt a tool like that?


Now I found some:

All for nvidia-GPU's:

•Extreme GPU Bruteforcer (Shareware, MD5/MySQL/SHA-1/NTLM, )
•GPU MD5 Crack (Freeware, MD5)
•BarsWF (Freeware, MD5)
•Lightning Hash Cracker (Freeware, MD5)
•CuMD5 (Open-Source, MD5)
•nvCUDA (Open-Source, MD5/Mysql)