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Thread: will pyrits blobspace stay intact after export?

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    Default will pyrits blobspace stay intact after export?

    I have a huge password file that I'm turning into a massive airolib hash database. I have most of the passwords loaded into the pyrit blobspace and a good amount of them batched. My question is if at this point I export to my airolib database will the blobspace stay intact so I can go back and finish batching later, or is it going to delete the unbatched or the batched passwords? Their is really no reason for me to export at this point except for impatiens and boredom, but I would be really pissed off if I did it and had to start from scratch due to my blobspace disappearing...

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    I don't really know but the for sure way would be to back it up before the export.

    You could always give it a test on another machine with a small wordlist and find out.
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    was the answer to this question ever found? I am curious myself...

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    Judging by a quick test I ran, I'd say no - there are 44 files and folders etc. created from a short password list on a blank .pyrit directory, and after the export the same number of files and folders are there (courtesy:
    find . | wc -l

    I also exported to two differently named airolib files, both have the same md5 and sha1 hashes.
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