Backtrack Community,

this is my very first post here and I'm sorry for opening a new topic, but although I found many Gnome topics, nothing really matches the issues I have to face currently. I'm trying to build a custom iso of BT4 beta, i.e. replacing KDE with Gnome and I've achieved a lot already (network works, I have managed to introduce a "Backtrack" folder to the Gnome Menu as in KDE, I managed to completely get rid of KDE and installed a very basic gnome-core I build upon, etc etc - all in all it's pretty much complete from a DE perspective) but now I ran into a MAJOR problem and I'd like to ask for suggestions from the community how to solve it.

Ok, here it is:
Backtrack introduces a whole bunch of launchers to the menu (desktop files) that are located in /usr/local/share/applications. As I said before, I managed to make them available in Gnome just as in KDE with all categories and stuff, BUT not a single launcher works with gnome-terminal unfortunately (at least not many). I already found out why this is - it's the way konsole handles bash calls and this is significantly different to the way gnome-terminal does it. That's at least the result of my investigation (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Two problem categories:

1. If a certain desktop file (e.g. the airmon-ng one) includes an exec= line and no path= line, it's easy to substitute "airmon-ng;sudo -s" with "gnome-terminal -x bash -c "airmon-ng; sudo -s" and the launcher works.
2. If the desktop file includes both an exec= line, e.g. "command;sudo -s" and a path= line, e.g. path=/somepath, it's also easy to substitute with "gnome-terminal -x bash -c "cd /somepath; command;sudo -s"
I mean the intention of path= is that the launched konsole/gnome-terminal should open at /somepath, right?

So far, so good - you could think: what's the actual problem man? The problem is that I'd like to do it the "right" way and avoid "hacking" existing config files to make it run just due to the fact that the Backtrack team could release an update to e.g. aircrack-ng at some point in time that would override the "hacked" desktop file and we'd be in a deadlock again. I hope it's clear to you what the actual issue is. Besides of that it's anyway pretty annoying to change approx. 200 launchers just to make them usable in gnome-terminal. Next thing I thought about is writing kind of a wrapper "gnome-terminal" and use dpkg-divert to set the "real" gnome-terminal apart. That way one would achieve an "ultimate solution" for all desktop files in question. BUT, that introduces some other issues to gnome-terminal's general usage AND to be honest I fear that I'm not experienced enough to write such an "ultimate wrapper".

So, what I'd like to know: Is there someone running a Gnome desktop and have similar issues and a solution maybe? Could someone more experienced help me a bit with a wrapper? What do you think about this idea in general? Do you maybe have any much more brilliant ideas how to solve this? I'm open for any suggestions and comments.

Thanks a million in advance,