Hi you may have read my posts about how I was trying to get this going (my usual can't see the forest because there's trees in the way approach). As promised and for my own satisfaction I put a HowTo together and posted it on a few forums:

as with all tutorials I write this is something I've just had to do and I write it up afterwards for my future reference and to help out anyone who doesn't know. I was thinking that internet access on the move would be more use to a pentester / hacker than anyone else so I looked into setting it up using a mobile Broadband USB modem. I'm in UK so the networks will differ from other countries but the technique should be the same.

You will need:
> A mobile Broadband Dongle (usually come in one lump with the drivers inside the device)
>A Windows PC (I'm using win xp)
>VMWARE workstation (30 day trial available, if you need a crack or Key you'll have to ask around, I got a free one yesterday)
>BT4-Beta (you can use the iso but vmware image is better)
> An internet connection for use in configuring the mobile dongle.

Right first of you need to set up VMWARE workstation and a BT4 virtual machine, if you don't know how this vid will help:

YouTube - Run Backtrack 4 Beta in Windows with VmWare Workstation

it shows the ISO and VMware images I suggest using the VMWARE as It gives you access to an isolated virtual Hard Drive to save these settings.

Setting up Mobile Internet
Once you are set up power on your virtual machine, open a prompt and type:

 apt-get  install wvdial
with BT4 its that easy and it doesn't get much harder! wvdial includes a program to auto configure your USB modem so connect the dongle to a free USB and next type:

 wvdialconf  /etc/wvdial.conf
You will see a few lines buzz past as it scans for and locates your Dongle in most cases it will harvest all the info it needs and will put a "config" file in your /etc directory. Navigate to and "cat" /etc/wvdial.conf you may have to enter the number your modem has to dial yourself, it goes on a line that will begin

Phone =
(how bizarrehmy

If you don't know your ISP's number minimize your VMWARE workstation and navigate to control panel and look up your dongle in "Network and Internet connections" it's properties will tell you the number (be warned it may look something like *96***# rather than the average phone number). Anyway if neccesary insert the number and save the conf file.

Now connecting should be as simple as opening a prompt and typing
You will see it issue you an IP, do an "IFCONFIG" some pings etc and get on with browsing. If you don't get connected something may be up with your config file copy and paste it into a PM and I'll take a look for you.

Good Luck

PS By the way to use the modem in VMWARE it must be "imported" go to the VM menu, select removable devices and select your modem from the list.